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NinjaPCR is WiFi enabled, Opensourced (GPLv3) DNA Amplifier, Thermocycler Implementation for Polymerase Chain Reaction developed by 2 married hackers, Shingo Hisakawa and Mariko Hisakawa. Please refer support site first. To get quotation or invoice, contact us.

We’re fighting with COVID-19 by upgrading NinjaPCR into affordable Real-Time PCR.

Complete Kit

Kit includes everything you need to build one NinjaPCR by yourself, usually within an hour.
Unbox and Assembly Guide
3D model


For makers

NinjaPCR is totally opensourced on GitHub and best textbook to learn multiple skills like lasercutting at once. We encourage everyone to make it from scratch by sharing how-to-guide but it’s really tough to build or purchase some essential parts. Don’t worry, they are available here!